Launched in February 2004, Facebook has grown to become the most popular social site with over 1 billion active users. Unlike before when accessing Facebook meant doing so through a computer, you can easily access the site using your phone, just in the same way that millions of other users do.

The huge number of Facebook users gives you a very good opportunity to market your business or brand on the site, where upon it is bound to be exposed to a huge number of users from across the globe. The fact that millions of businesses and brands are already on the site makes it necessary to look for ways through which to market your business or brand on the site. One of such ways is to Buy Facebook Likes. You can easily buy Likes from any of the millions of service providers that sell the same at an affordable fee.

Doing so literally means getting a service provider to load your business or brands’ Facebook page with Likes, which can have a positive effect of attracting more Facebook users to your business or brand with a high possibility of making sales. There are however several dangers associated with buying Facebook Likes.

While buying Facebook Likes can be benefit your business or brand, there is always the danger of buying and loading your business or brand’s Facebook page with Likes from fake profiles. In such a case, you will never hear from anyone. This simply means that although your business or brand page will have many followers, you will rarely make any sales. This can only work if you buy real Facebook Likes, which most service providers do not provide. Even so, buying real Facebook Likes is very unethical. Knowing that your business or brand success is because of using short cuts can make you very uneasy, especially of you have conscious.

Unlike before when Facebook users merely followed businesses and brands with many followers, present Facebook users take their time to analyze the businesses and brands to follow. One tool at their disposal that they are able to use to analyze your business or brand is Facebook’s “Talking About This” tool that basically indicates the number of fans who have engaged your business or brand during a particular period. Loading your business or brand page with fake Likes can therefore be counter-productive; your business’ EdgeRank will certainly fall. This is because your business’ real Likes will find that although you have a good number of followers, there is no meaningful engagement, meaning that your business is not worth following or recommending to other people.

The other danger you expose your business to when you buy Facebook Likes in the fact that there is really no value in doing so. This is especially true when you buy fake Facebook Likes. You will simply be spending money on Likes that do not give returns. It is also important to note that whether you Buy Real Facebook Likes or fakes ones, you will be contravening Facebook policies by trying to manipulate its system. Your business or brands’ page will be at risk of being flagged, which may mean the end of your online business activity.

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